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BTM; was established by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce as a foundation in order to commercialize innovative business ideas. While ensuring that ideas become a business model in BTM; services such as training and seminars, mentor support, investor matching, demo day events, 24/7 office facilities, one-on-one consultancy are offered to entrepreneurs completely free of charge.

BTM; is a social structure that offers all kinds of support on entrepreneurship and innovation in the processes of commercialization of new business ideas and their growth after commercialization. BTM, with the consists of 81 professional committees and more than 400K members of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, serves in Fulya campus.



To become the pioneer organization that strengthens innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of Istanbul with its trade, industry and employment, increases its global position through the commercialization on a real level and operates in these areas worldwide.


To create value creation mechanisms in different disciplines by providing services to Istanbul on a global scale that will strengthen the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship, conducting commercialization activities and harmonize all the components within this framework.

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