What is a Startup Pitch Deck?

If you need an investor for your startup, you can impress investors and increase your chances of getting an investment by preparing a successful startup pitch deck. So, what is a startup pitch deck and what should you consider when you prepare it? 

What is a Startup Pitch?

A startup pitch deck, is a presentation an entrepreneur presents to potential investors in order to get the financial support needed for their project. The presentation usually contains brief and basic information about their venture.

How To Prepare a Startup Pitch Deck?

When you prepare a pitch deck, presentation that shows confidence in your project and yourself, you are more likely to impress prospective investors. There are some crucial points to consider when preparing a successful startup pitch deck presentation.

1) Explain Your Startup’s Starting Point

Behind the success of startups lies a solution they bring to a problem. Therefore, if you want to impress a prospective investor, you should start by talking about your startup's benefits. Consequently, you can explain the problem that inspired your startup and your starting point using data in your presentation. 

After hearing about the problem, the potential investors will want to hear about your solution. At this stage, you can talk about the practical solutions your startup's product or service provides. You can end this part with a short motto that reflects your company's vision.

2) Establish Your Product or Service Visually

To show you have more than an idea, include images of your product design and material details in your presentation. For an effective introduction, you can start with a short video presentation about the product's use.

If your venture is a service or application, be sure to include an operation demo in your presentation. By using visually interesting pictures, videos and graphics, you can create an image in the minds of potential investors. Remember to share information about your logo and brand name as well.

3) Explain Your Venture’s Credibility

After you complete the first two stages, now it is time to share the project details. You can introduce your team to show that your venture is taking reliable steps. You can briefly mention the expertise of the people on your team, their achievements and their role in the project. If potential investors know that professionals are developing the project, it sets a favorable ground for investment.

4) Share Your Market Research

Show your position in the market by mentioning your goals in your presentation. Include the details that will set you apart from your competitors or similar initiatives in the industry by gathering information about them before your presentation. Be sure to highlight strengths that will make your startup a leader in the industry and points that will make your team and investors profitable. 

5) Talk About Your Investment Needs

After sharing all this information, potential investors will want to know when they step in. Try to explain with a diagram in which steps and at what rates your project needs investment. Make sure to answer all the questions in your potential investor's mind. Give an accurate and precise answer to their questions. This way, potential investors will have a clear outline of your venture and have no doubt in their minds about it.

In this article, we shared some tips for pitch deck presentations. Getting investors is one of the most critical steps of creating a startup and these tips will help you. BTM provides entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates with services such as training, seminars, mentor support, investor matching, 24/7 office opportunities, one-on-one consultancy to turn their innovative projects into a business model. Visit BTM to learn more!

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